relton marine & Colourbox

Christine Relton and Tom Marine have been making paintings collaboratively since 1996 under the name RELTON MARINE.  They show regularly with galleries in the UK and at art fairs worldwide, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Seattle, New York, Stockholm, Brussels, Milan, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Toronto.

They also run their gallery COLOURBOX to showcase their own and other artists work at UK art fairs, currently Affordable Art Fairs in Battersea and Hampstead and Edinburgh Art Fair.


Relton Marine paintings are currently showing at the following galleries:

Art Salon, Bath

Cube Gallery, Marylebone, London

Hicks Gallery, Wimbledon, London

Byard Art, Cambridge

Morningside Gallery, Edinburgh

Hybrid Gallery, Honiton, Devon

art fairs

Battersea AAF - 16-20th October 2019

Fresh Art Fair, Ascot with Art Salon - September 2019

Edinburgh Art Fair - 21-25th November 2019

upcoming events

Summer shows are on from July and you can see our paintings at galleries throughout the UK in London, Devon, Bath, Cambridge and Edinburgh. See above for links. Really hope you can make it to one of them while we crack on with painting for art fairs in the Autumn.

Will keep you posted...

If you’d like any further information about our events and where you can get tickets, click the button below or you can email us at or call 07976895384.

Hope to see you soon!

Christine and Tom

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