Tom is experienced in working with groups of school age children in 2 to 3 day workshops. The ages range from 4 to 18 years and group size has been anything from 10 to 400.

These workshops involve the children designing and creating their own painting to hang in the school. Tom provides the stretched canvas and organises all materials etc.
The paintings are usually text based and paint is applied through printing blocks, which has proved ideal for all ages.
The children write the text to be included in the painting and ideas have ranged from a mission statement to simple lists of words describing how they feel about the school.
This process easily includes all children on one artwork, for younger children, or each person making their own piece if older.

Most pieces are large, a group of around forty 5 year olds can make a 6 foot square painting in three days (involving each individual child for around 20 minutes out of class time) and the finished pieces hang in prominent places in the schools so the kids can see the results daily.

The feedback on these has been fantastic, with staff getting involved as well as the children.

If you are interested in having Tom come to your school, contact him directly or you can go through

Recent Placements

Cundall Manor, Ripon

The Whartons Primary School, Otley

Guisley Secondary School. Leeds

Allerton High School, Leeds

Armley Primary School, Leeds

Tom was also involved several years running with